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Ponderings: Too Much Sovereignty?

It almost sounds like heresy to say there can be “too much” sovereignty.  And I hope you won’t stop reading here and miss the point I am trying to make.  On the whole, I would agree with anyone who says … Continue reading

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Shepherd’s Care: Vigil

Paul begins our focal verse (Acts 20:28) with the words, “keep watch.”  Christian self-care is rooted in the idea of vigil.  The image is that of the watchman on the wall, who scans the horizon for any approaching enemies.  The watchman’s … Continue reading

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Gleanings: The Great Temptation

Three quotes have held me fast when I have been tempted to become frenetic in my spirituality… Oswald Chambers: “The greatest temptation of devotion to Jesus Christ is service for him.” Thomas Merton: “Activism is a form of violence.” Richard … Continue reading

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Listenings: Patient

We will leave our concentration upon spiritual growth for a while, but not without one final word: patient.  This is a word which follows from the previous ideas of growth being natural and incremental.  But for me, the idea of “patient” … Continue reading

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Connections: Oswald Chambers

For many of you, this will not be a new connection.  But I don’t want to assume that everyone reading this blog is familiar with Oswald Chambers.  I only want to encourage you to become familiar with him. Born in … Continue reading

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The Holy Gospel: September 26, 2010 (Year C)

Read:  Luke 16:19-31 Meditation:  “Naming the Rich Man” We cannot keep from noticing that the poor man is named, but the rich man is not.  This is Jesus’ way of saying that we are the rich man.  Jesus says, “Write … Continue reading

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Ponderings: Not Certainty, but Hope

A few weeks ago, I watched a fascinating interview with Christopher Hitchens on The Atlantic Monthly website.  Hitchens is dying of cancer—that’s what he says himself.  The interview was in relation to that fact.  As one who has become well-known among the … Continue reading

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