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Bendict’s Rule: Immediate Resistance

In verse three of the Prologue, Benedict follows his call to surrender with the reminder that such an action will be resisted by the enemies of Christ.  He calls those who would become part of the community to be “armed … Continue reading

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Soul Byte: Awaiting Our “Season”

John Michael Talbot rightly notes that sometimes the things which seem dead in our spiritual life are merely “asleep,” awaiting the return of their “season.”  Not everything in the spiritual life happens at the same time or with the same … Continue reading

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Ponderings: “The New Global Elite”

The current issue of Atlantic Monthly magazine features an article entitled, “The New Global Elite.”  It describes a growing identifiable community of what the article describes as super-rich, self-made people who are ambivalent about the rest of us—a group that is … Continue reading

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Soul Byte: Presumptions

Why do we think we can save our own souls when we cannot even scratch our own backs?

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Soul Byte: Little by Little

We journey with God step by step.  Amy Carmichael wrote, “If only the next step is clear, then the one thing to do is take it.”

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Shepherd’s Care: Configuration

We end our look at Mark 3:13-19 under the theme, “Configuration.” For some time, I used to end my teaching on this passage at 3:15.  But one day, I realized that by failing to deal with the list of the … Continue reading

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Soul Byte: No Better Prayer Than This

There’s no better prayer than this: “Lord, teach me to pray.”

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