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Soul Byte: Looking Back

We cannot travel by looking back, but we cannot learn to travel without looking back

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Ponderings: Religion or Magic?

Nothing should trouble us more than the rejection of religion by a large and growing number of people in Europe and North America.  It is to our shame that people can look at us and our religious institutions and conclude … Continue reading

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Soul Byte: Calling

If God assigns us to scrub the floor, we will never be asked why we didn’t clean the chimney.

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Shepherd’s Care: Depression

The final stage in Archibald Hart’s “Downward Spiral” is depression.  This is the level when we begin to lose our ability to simply “work our way out” of our dilemma.  We lack both the motivation and the strength to deal … Continue reading

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Soul Byte: Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is not the Gospel, but without it the Gospel becomes a very dreary, demanding thing.

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Desert Wisdom: Enough to Spare

A monk named Daniel spoke about Arsenius, “All the years he lived near us, we gave him the minimum amount of food  to last each year, and every time we went to visit him, he shared it with us.” (DF. … Continue reading

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Soul Byte: What God Wants

God does not ask us to perform according to the actions of someone else, but only to do our best.

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