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Site Update: Need New Thursday Topic

Just a reminder that “Ponderings” is discontinued.  We need a new topic for Thursday mornings.  In September’s “First Day” post, I made some suggestions, but I also invite you share any thoughts you have about a new theme for Thursdays. … Continue reading

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Journey in the Word: Human Sexuality

Week 1 Read:  Genesis 1:27 Stott does a very important thing by commenting on human sexuality.  He undermines a pornographic view of sex (e.g. exploitation) and he dissolves a dualistic view of life (e.g. spirit is good, matter is evil).   … Continue reading

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Shepherd’s Care: Ministering From The Overflow

I’ve already revealed that I believe Luke 5:15-16 is one of the primary passages for clergy in shaping an authentic and life-giving spirituality.  As we bring our look at this text to an end, I want to step away from … Continue reading

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Journey in the Word: The Image of God

Week 1 Read:  Genesis 1:27 Stott’s insights into the imago dei are classical and helpful My favorite insight was given to me years ago through the writing of Urban Holmes, an Episcopalian leader.  He said that the image of God … Continue reading

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In-Sight: Remembering Lon Woodrum

I’ll be surprised if any of you have ever heard of the person I want to write about today. I discovered him in the pages of The Herald, Asbury Seminary’s magazine.  I was in college in the late ’60’s, but … Continue reading

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Desert Wisdom: The Backdrop of Eternity

We sometimes caricature what we don’t understand.  That’s what happens when we mistakenly take a concern for our mortality and the reality of eternity to mean “pie in the sky in the sweet by and by.” Sober living—what we’re calling … Continue reading

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Journey in the Word: The Sobriety of the Genesis Narrative

Week 1 Read:  Genesis 1:6, 9-10 The Christian story of creation has both a different tone and a different content than other creation stories.  Creation “by word” is one of the significant differences. To create “by word” means that a … Continue reading

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Listenings: Adoration

Our whole-life communion with God will show itself, Underhill says, in two ways: adoration and adherence.  Today, we look at adoration. Underhill calls adoration “the upward and outward look of humble and joyful admiration.” (p. 67) The fact that it … Continue reading

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Journey in the Word: Light Out Of Darkness

Week 1 Read:  Genesis 1:3 I have to leave it to the cosmologists and astrophysicists for a scientific explanation of creation, but the theological point here in Genesis does not seem to contradict what we know from science; namely, that … Continue reading

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The Holy Gospel: September 4, 2011 (Year A)

Read:  Matthew 18:15-20 Meditation:  “Bending Over Backward” I cannot read this passage without thinking of an actual event in a church where this scenario was played out.  Our pastor did his best to follow this pattern, but in the end, … Continue reading

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Journey in the Word: From Chaos to Cosmos

Week 1—Creation Read:  Genesis 1:2 We make a mistake when we expect the spiritual life to get “up and running” quickly and easily.  We can do this as we evaluate our own spirituality, but we can also do it as … Continue reading

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Benedict’s Rule: Wise Spirituality

The Rule of St. Benedict conveys the two grand movements of the monastic life:  oratio (prayer) and labora (work).  Daily life was ordered in terms of these two elements. Essentially, the Rule divides itself in these same two ways:  (1) … Continue reading

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First Day: Next Steps

Greetings, Everyone! I hope many of you have joined our new “Journey in the Word” post.  It only began a couple of hours ago, so there’s still plenty of time to be part of this new Oboedire venture.  We’ll practice … Continue reading

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Journey in the Word: The Creator’s Initiative

Week 1—Creation Overview:  We begin with a slow, meditative look at creation.  We need a sound creation theology, because what we fail to see in creation can come to be what we fail to reverence in life. Read: Genesis 1:1 … Continue reading

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Journey in the Word: Introduction

Using John Stott” Through the Bible–Through the Year (Baker Books), we will explore scripture together, using a modified version of group lectio divina.  If you are not familiar with lectio divina, you may wish to refer to postings about it … Continue reading

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In-Sight: Discernment Process

Recently, while reading Jesus’ words, “ask, seek, knock” (Matthew 7:7), I found some fresh insight into the discernment process. Ask—discernment begins in the spirit of inquiry.  We begin the journey of discovering God’s will by asking, “What is your will … Continue reading

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