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Journey in the Word: Israelite Backsliding

Week 8 Read:  Judges 2:11 The world God intends falls apart when people do what is right in their own eyes.  But that’s the way the Book of Judges summarizes Israel when the nation was at its lowest point. The … Continue reading

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Listenings: Things Have Gone Badly Wrong

When we accept the world as  our sphere of service, it doesn’t take long to realize the truth of what Evelyn Underhill wrote,  “something has gone wrong, and badly wrong” (p. 91). One of the most amazing things about some … Continue reading

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Journey in the Word: Keeping the Covenant

Week 8 Read:  Joshua 24:25 It’s all about Covenant.  God is faithful to it, and asks us to be also. I agree with Stott’s summary.  The covenant is God saying, “I will be your God, and you shall be my … Continue reading

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The Holy Gospel: October 30, 2011 (Year A)

Read:  Matthew 23:1-12 Meditation:  “Overdosing on Religion” Apparently, something happens when people get “too much” religion.  We become addicted to it, and get intoxicated by it.  The Bible is full of stories where people started out well, but ended poorly.  … Continue reading

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Journey in the Word: Taking Possession of the Land

Week 8 Read:  Joshua 21:43 Today, we have been “shot from a cannon.”  Stott’s desire to get us to the birth of Jesus on time, forces him to move through the rest of the Old Testament, leaving more out than … Continue reading

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Benedict’s Rule: Common Edification

Chapter 38 in the Rule deals with what seems to be a very routine and practical event in the daily life of a monastery:  choosing and training the one who reads outloud while the other monks eat. I really enjoy … Continue reading

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Journey in the Word: Commandments 8 and 10

Week 7 Read:  Exodus 20:15 and 20:17 I believe that Stott combines the 8th and 10th commandments in a good way, but I am not sure whether doing so is in keeping with the intention for the original list.  I … Continue reading

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