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Holy Week 2012: Looking Down the Road

(Note:  This coming week, the regular posts will be suspended, and I will write a daily meditation based on the Gospel lesson for each day in Holy Week.  Regular posts will resume on Monday, April 9th) Reading for Palm Sunday:  … Continue reading

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In-Sight: The Need for Technological Morality

I receive a daily e-letter that keeps me connected to “the outside world,” and especially the high-tech world.  In today’s edition, one of the featured articles was on the growing need to figure out how to make machines “moral” as … Continue reading

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Benedict’s Rule: Visitation Privileges

Chapter 61 of the Rule takes the principle of humility in Chapter 60 and applies it to those who come to the monastery as visitors. Even those who come for a short time are to accept the “community life” that … Continue reading

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Ministry Musings: “Deep and Wide” (3)

The church in Antioch was deep and wide, exhibiting a communal identity, a laity foundation, and a social unity. It also (fourthly) had a worshipful center. The late Archbishop of Canterbury, William Temple, wrote that worship is the central act … Continue reading

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In-Sight: How The Light Gets Out

I attended a retreat during this Lenten season.  The opening session was after dark. We were gathered in a beautiful chapel—a location I’ve been in many times—enough times to know that above the altar is a lovely stained-glass window, depicting … Continue reading

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Shepherd’s Care: Bulls or Blessings?

We’re exploring the personhood of clergy.  Most of us have lived long enough to have met pastors who were “bulls” and those who were “blessings.”  The question is what makes us one or the other? The answer is—Christ. He is … Continue reading

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Desert Wisdom: “Let us Pray…”

Before there was a theology of prayer, there was a prayer:  the Lord’s Prayer. In fact, before there was a Creed, there was a prayer.  It was Thomas Merton who first pointed me to the fact that the first theological … Continue reading

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