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In-Sight: Creating the False Self (1)

Father Richard Rohr is posting on his blog some teaching having to do with the way in which the “false self” (fallen self) comes into existence.  Because this is so important when it comes to spiritual formation, I will post … Continue reading

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Ministry Musings: On A Brief Hold

Having just completed a three-part series on evangelism, Ministry Musings is on a temporary hold.  In the meantime, I’ll return to the “Gleanings” category and post quotations I believe you’ll find helpful.

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Shepherd’s Care: A Loss-Prone Vocation

You may notice that I occasionally refer to Dr. Archibald Hart in my writing about ministry and stress.  Dr. Hart taught for many years at Fuller and was a great help to countless clergy in my generation.  I believe he … Continue reading

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Desert Wisdom: Grace and Response

Another issue faced by the early Christians was the relationship between God’s grace and human response.  As with contemplation and practice, the early Christians sought to keep the together, forming a dynamic unity. For them, God’s grace is always primary, … Continue reading

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Followership: An Emerging Reality

If Jesus was indeed identifying himself with the Eastern understanding of Reality of “way” in somewhat the same manner that the Western mind understood it as “word,” then the disciples must have been utterly amazed and greatly encouraged. This makes … Continue reading

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Listenings: Not an Esoteric Journey

The journey into a “heart spirituality” is not reserved for those who have the luxury of unhurried leisure or  unceasing quietness.  In another of his books, Nouwen wrote that if we cannot find God in the center of our lives, … Continue reading

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The Holy Gospel: May 27, 2012 (Year B)

Read:  John 15:26-27; 16:4-15 Meditation:  Jesus Puts a Face on God Pentecost Sunday is a good time to focus on one aspect of the significance of the incarnation; namely, Jesus puts a face on God.  Jesus said it: “He who … Continue reading

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