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Editorial: Take a Deep Breath

As you may know, Pope John Paul II spoke of the Western and Eastern churches as the two lungs of the Body of Christ, reminding us that the Body needs both lungs to be healthy. Last week, while processing Pope … Continue reading

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Ministry Musings: See God in All Things

We call God “sustainer.”  That means there is not a split second or square inch where God is not present and active.  Discernment is learning to look for God in every moment and every event of our lives. In the … Continue reading

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Editorial: Looking Unto Jesus

We are living through a time of great shame and challenge for the church. Pride and presumption are like termites in the temple, eating away at the pillars and posts of institutional Christianity. Pride has created sensationalism where self-declared “superstars” … Continue reading

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Wesley’s Way: Living Faith

For Wesley, theology is a combination of belief and practice.  He called it “practical divinity.”  In taking this view he was standing with pre-Enlightenment Christianity’s commitment to sapiential theology, theology which responded to two questions: “What do you believe?” and … Continue reading

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Gleanings: A Transforming Use of Scripture

Richard Rohr recently (e-letter 2/22) commended the following use of the Bible… When the Scriptures are used maturely, they proceed in this order: 1. They confront us with a bigger picture than we are used to: “God’s kingdom” that has … Continue reading

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Desert Wisdom: Short and Sweet

Saint Augustine wrote that the early Christians believed prayers are to be “extremely short and hurled like spears.”  Bunge explores this on pp 113-120. Many of these prayers were Scripture verses—e.g. “I will fear no evil, for you are at … Continue reading

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Listenings: Walking Together (2)

When Jesus walks with us on the journey from sorrow to joy, he not only enters into our suffering, he moves us from what Nouwen describes as “foolishness.” Nouwen rightly points out that to be called “foolish” is a hard … Continue reading

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