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The Holy Gospel: July 14, 2013 (Year C)

Read:  Luke 10:25-37 Meditation: “From Sympathy to Compassion” The word compassion literally means “to feel with.”  Not to feel “for.”  The latter is sympathy–a good thing, but not what the Samaritan felt concerning the injured man. To feel “with” was … Continue reading

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Gleanings: Writing

The Oboedire ministry brings people across my path who say, “Sometimes I think I should be a writer.”  I offer his piece from Henri Nouwen’s Bread for the Journey (April 27) to encourage you… Writing can be a true spiritual … Continue reading

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And Your Daughters: Fear Not! (Finale)

We bring our six-week look at fearless women to an end with this conclusion from Carolyn Custiss James… Embracing A Fear-less Legacy The Bible doesn’t teach us to keep looking over our shoulders to see if others approve of us … Continue reading

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The Holy Gospel: July 7, 2013 (Year C)

Read:  Luke 10:1-11; 16-20 Meditation: “Scouting for Jesus” We misread the Gospel if we think Jesus only gave one Great Commission.  The fact is, there are crucial commissions in each gospel account–Matthew 28:16-20, Mark 16:15-18, Luke 24:44-49, and John 20:21-23. … Continue reading

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Gleanings: Obscurity

Here is a good quote from a young pastor I have only recently found, Jonathan Martin (Renovatus Church in Charlotte).  It comes from his first book, Prototype (Tyndale House)…. “In our culture of constant access and nonstop media, nothing feels … Continue reading

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And Your Daughters: Fear Not! (5)

Ruth the Initiator Ruth the Moabitess had to throw off layers of fear as a defenseless widow and an immigrant outsider in Bethlehem. But despite the risks to a lone woman, she entered the workplace to bring home the bacon … Continue reading

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First Day: Checking In

As we begin the month of July, Oboedire begins its fourth year of existence.  It is difficult to realize it has been up and running that long, but it is true!  Thanks for being on the journey with me. I … Continue reading

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