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Let Us Pray: UnceasingvPrayer

St. Augustine sheds helpful light on how we pray without ceasing… “And all my desire is before you” (Ps 37:10)… This very desire of yours is your prayer; and if your desire is continual, your prayer is continual too. It … Continue reading

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Ministry Musings: Keep Watch Over Yourself

     Institutions in decline increase the pressure on leaders to “produce” and “succeed.”  This is the sociological equivalent to the natural survival instinct.  I see it across the board in North American Christianity, but especially among church-planting pastors and those … Continue reading

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In-Sight: Realistic Spirituality

This is not a commercial for The Common English Bible.  There are some places where I think it misses the boat, which is a risk every translation must take in its aim to make the Bible more accessible and readable… … Continue reading

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Announcement: A Simpler Way

Hello, Everyone! I have made the decision to end my regular, thematic postings.  The production of them has become too labor-intensive and deadline-driven. As of today, the only regular post for Oboedire will be “The Holy Gospel” each Saturday.  I … Continue reading

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The Holy Gospel: October 27, 2013 (Year C)

Read:  Luke 18:9-14 Meditation: “The Great Mistake” Jesus hit the nail on the head–when we declare ourselves “righteous,” we will use our self-declared status to look upon others with contempt.  That’s what egotism does.  It has to be “above” some … Continue reading

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Working ahead on the blog has backfired on me!  A post intended for Christmas week posted accidentally today. No….I am not taking a two-month “Christmas break”—and even though I am a Willie Nelson devotee, I am NOT ready to hear … Continue reading

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Listenings: Sign of Our Deliverance

Gratitude is the sign that our resentments no longer rule us.  Gratitude is not just an occasional “thanks be to God” (p. 63), it is a disposition of the heart that celebrates our liberation from death-dealing elements in our lives.  … Continue reading

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