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In-Sight: Mary’s Anticipation

This year, Christmas falls in the middle of the week.  As a further means to our celebration of it, I will post five meditations today through Friday.  Let’s begin with Mary’s anticipation.      The angel told her she would give … Continue reading

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In-Sight: Christmas Week Meditations

If you like, I invite you to read (and share) the Christmas-week meditations I have written this Monday through Friday.  They post each day at 1:00 a.m. ET. They are my “Christmas card” to each of you, praying that as … Continue reading

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Ancient Wisdom: December 22, 2013 (Year A)

Read: Isaiah 7:10-16 Meditation:  Immanuel One of my favorite musicians is Michael Card.  He is truly a musical theologian, and his song, “Immanuel,” is a mountain peak in the range of ancient and modern music concerning Christ.  I hope you … Continue reading

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In-Sight: More About E. Stanley Jones

As interest in the life and work of E. Stanley Jones grows, I want to direct you to places where you can become more aware and involved… Facebook Pages      E. Stanley Jones      United Christian Ashrams Websites      http://www.estanleyjonesfoundation.comContinue reading

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Ministry Musings: The Home Front

     As leaders, we eventually come to see that our leadership comes more from the people we are than from the training we received.  A telling question is, “What kind of home did you grow up in?”       Our home … Continue reading

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Let Us Pray: Listening

One of the oldest and simplest definitions of prayer is this: prayer is listening.  In a sermon Eugene Peterson amplifies the definition by writing, “People who don’t listen usually do too much, or do the wrong thing, or do the … Continue reading

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In-Sight: Lifted Up, Not Beaten Up

     A reading of the writings of the early desert fathers and mothers reveals their outright refusal to condemn another person.  They did not do this because they felt sin did not matter, but rather because they did not feel … Continue reading

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