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In-Sight: Compassionate Leadership

This week, I offer a guest column–an excerpt from an article in Contemplative Journal describing the transformation taking place across the earth in work environments where compassion is replacing control….      “Across the globe, in board rooms, in cubicles, on … Continue reading

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Lumen Fidei: Salvation by Faith

The light of Christ comes to us and shines out of us as we put our faith in him.  Our faith is comprised of two basic features: (1) our trust in Christ as the Way, Truth, and Life, and (2) … Continue reading

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Ancient Wisdom: February 23, 2014 (Year A)

Read:  Leviticus 19:1-2, 9-18 Meditation: “Be it…Do it” The arrangement if this week’s Old Testament lesson makes it clear that holiness is not only a profession, it is a performance. Every illustration of holiness is an incarnation of it. Today, … Continue reading

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In-Sight: Admiration Born of Authenticity

Not long ago, I heard a person ask how we can admire Mother Teresa so much after her admission that she lived so long and intensely with a sense of God’s absence.  Questions like these have arisen following the publication … Continue reading

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Lumen Fidei: The Fullness of Christian Faith

All that the Old Testament matriarchs and patriarchs looked and longed for came into being in the Incarnation of Jesus.  The Cosmic Christ (“angel of the Lord”…”Word”…or whatever else we have called it) became flesh and dwelt among us, full … Continue reading

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Ancient Wisdom: February 16, 2014. (Year A)

Read: Deuteuronomy 30:15-20 Meditation: “It’s Up to You” The lectionary readings the past few weeks have directly or indirectly borne witness to God’s faithfulness–as all biblical passages do in one way or another. Again today, we are reminded that God … Continue reading

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In-Sight: Our Ultimate Vision

In his General Audience on March 7, 2007 Pope Benedict XVI said, ” Let us devote our attention to the Apostolic Fathers, that is, to the first and second generations in the Church subsequent to the Apostles. And thus, we … Continue reading

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