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In -Sight: Radical Unity

Jesus’s prayer “that they may all be one” (John 17:21) is Interpretations have their role to play in the theological task, but they are not the starting point.  Affirmation of faith always precedes the interpretations of it.  The early Christians … Continue reading

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Lumen Fidei: A Light for Life in Society

As we learn to get along in the family unit, we are given the will and means to get along with the human family.  Faith is carried into the world as naturally as it was held in the home. The … Continue reading

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Ministry Musings: Toxic Leadership

Like many others, I have grown increasingly concerned about the neo-fundamentalism that is dominating and caricaturing too much Christianity these days. It is a theology and resultant mindset that is antithetical to the Gospel and destructive to the Christian witness … Continue reading

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In-Sight: Affirmations that Bind

The classical creeds of Christianity (Apostles, Nicean, Athanasian) are illustrations of ecumenism–not exclusively in terms of their content, but also in terms of their reminder that we come together in our affirmations, not in our interpretations.  God’s new pentecost is … Continue reading

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Lumen Fidei: Faith and the Family

Pope Francis rightly notes that the family unit is the first waystation on the journey to transmit faith in the world.  Beginning with marriage and then possibly with children, people learn how to trust, form relationships, forgive, cooperate, and love. … Continue reading

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In-Sight: A Holy Mix

We expend large amounts of time and energy trying to find our “it”–our theological position, our political stance, our church affiliation, our personality profile, etc, etc.  Only later do we realize that God is more concerned about our “mix.”  On … Continue reading

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Lumen Fidei: God Prepares a City

As I have re-read Pope Francis’ first encyclical, I see not only its content, but also the way it serves as a model for doing theology about anything.  The Pope moves from a consideration of the selected topic itself (the … Continue reading

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Gleanings: Breathing Spaces

A meditation from Martin Copenhaver, pastor of Wellesly UCC, in Wellesley, Ma…. “In our already overcrowded lives, another space is being taken away. When I was learning to type, I was taught that you should have two spaces after a … Continue reading

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Lumen Fidei: The Unity & Integrity of Faith

With so many denominations and parachurch organizations on the earth, even if we believe in Christian unity we cannot think of it the way the Church did until1054 a.d., when the Roman Church split dramatically for the first time.  We … Continue reading

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In-Sight: Looking Into Life

I have decided to read Thomas Merton’s journals.  They are available in a multi-volume edition.  I have no timeline for completing this.  It is more a meandering pace.  So, it will take quite a while to finish.  But that’s okay. … Continue reading

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