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For the Bride: Too Difficult for Whom?

I have to admit there are days when the candle for preserving unity in the Church burns low in my soul.  Some appear to have already concluded that schism is the only way forward.  Others seem to yearn for continuing … Continue reading

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Ministry Musings: Spiritual Leadership

I am working on two projects that call for a fresh concentration on the term “spiritual leadership.”  And while I have spoken and written about the subject over the years, I have a new view to write about today. It … Continue reading

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For the Bride: Special Report (2)

Like many of you, I am following as carefully as I can the situation currently existing between Dr. David Gushee and notable colleagues within and beyond the Southern Baptist Convention.  I am doing this, in part, because it is good … Continue reading

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Journey: A Little Is A Lot

Read : Plotting Goodness Even though I have spent my professional life largely in theological education with all its technical terms and professional jargon, I am still drawn to simple ways of expressing complex ideas.  So, I was immediately attracted … Continue reading

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For the Bride: Special Report

Prominent Evangelical ethicist David Gushee has announced that on November 8th, in a major address at The Reformation Project conference, he will announce he has changed his mind about LGBT relationships and will now not only affirm them but also … Continue reading

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For the Bride: Stop Now!

If you have seen the movie “Forest Gump,” you will remember the scene where Forest begins to run.  He runs…runs…runs…and runs some more.  Along the way, he gathers other folks who begin to run with him. And then…one day…suddenly, and … Continue reading

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Error in Posting

If you received a “For the Bride: Inevitable Vantage Points” post last evening, it came by mistake.  It is actually scheduled for November 14th, and fits into the stream of writings at that point. It has been moved to that … Continue reading

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