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For the Bride: The Key Distinction

Hermeneutics enables us to claim the key distinction necessary for fellowship–the distinction between doctrine and opinion–between what is primary and what is secondary.  Until we are willing to do this, we have little hope for charitable discourse, or a fully … Continue reading

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Advent In-Sight: The Magi’s Window

It comes as a surprise to some to discover that astrologers were the first persons to be told that the King of the Jews was going to be born, and even more, that they saddled up (complete with valuable gifts) … Continue reading

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Journey: Holy Evolution

Read:  “The Great Conversation” As we move from the Old Testament into the New Testament, McLaren wants us to make the transition realizing that “we make the road by walking” as a people whose experience is unfolding and maturing. As … Continue reading

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For the Bride: Special Report

Since last April, when I wrote ‘For the Sake of the Bride,’ I have read more on the subject of human sexuality than during any comparable period in my life.  Maybe it is the scholar in me, but I have … Continue reading

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For the Bride: The God Window

Continuing our exploration of hermeneutics, we come to realize that our concept of God largely determines how we view the Christian message.  If we view God as essentially angry with us (even if it is righteous indignation), we will almost … Continue reading

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In -Sight: Gratitude

I am not a fan of cliches, or bumper-sticker slogans.  But when I pay closer attention to them, I can see that they sometimes arise from, or point to, something larger.  And so it is this year as I see … Continue reading

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Journey: The Stuff of Story

[Note:  I have realized that our meditations are not in sync with McLaren’s envisioned plan to read Chapter 14 the first week of Advent.  So, as a way to achieve that synchronization, I am skipping Chapters 9, 10, and 11–and … Continue reading

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