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Editorial: The SCOTUS Decision

Various writers have rightly noted that the SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriage is an interpretation of the Constitution and its advocacy of equal treatment under the law.  They have rightly pointed out that the decision is not directly based on … Continue reading

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Journey: The Lifegiving Difference

Read: Spirit of Unity and Diversity As far back as my seminary days in the early 1970’s, I can remember Dr. Dennis Kinlaw saying that the Trinity is the distinguishing mark of Christianity.  And since then, I have heard him … Continue reading

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Editorial: Living in the New Day

The SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage is a long-awaited decision for many, including gay and straight Christians who have spent decades advocating for this.  It is a day for thanksgiving. But one of the lessons of history is that the … Continue reading

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For the Bride: Radical Trust

The church’s perrennial call to repentance is rooted in our belief in God’s willingness and ability to forgive sin.  Judgmentalism was, however, eschewed by the early Christians because they believed it was a diminishment of that belief. One of the … Continue reading

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In-Sight: Another Way To Look At It

In much of the contemporary conversation about the Church, we use life/death language to frame what we say.  So, some allege they are in a “dead” church, while just down the road others claim theirs is “alive.”  And from there, … Continue reading

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Journey: Love In A Big House

Read:  Spirit of Love–Loving Self By including “as you love yourself” in the second great commandment, Jesus created a God-other-self love that requires all three expressions to be in place if things are to work as God intends. But in … Continue reading

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Editorial: In the Absence of Love

The tragic murders in Charleston re-surface the debate about gun control.  We are already hearing the predictable responses from people and groups positioned along the spectrum of opinion.  If the past holds true one more time, we will find ourselves … Continue reading

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