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For the Bride: The Hypocrisy of Judgment

The early Christians linked judgmentalism and hypocrisy.  They did so because they observed that those who became judgmental became increasingly less self-aware.  They could fancy themselves as being righteous while pointing out another’s unrighteousness.  It is the attitude we have … Continue reading

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In-Sight: The Basis for Ministry

Compassion means to feel “with” another person.  Compassion is the basis for ministry, for even if we cannot feel like another person or group, we can still feel with.  Compassion is not the child of sympathy, but rather the offspring … Continue reading

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Editorial: All Must Mean All

On the heels of attending and following a number of Annual Conferences of the United Methodist Church, and reading reports from the recent Reformation Project Training Conference in Atlanta, I am more convinced than ever that all must mean all. … Continue reading

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Journey: Loving Neighbor

Read: Spirit of Love–Loving Neighbor McLaren has chosen the right passage to explore the love of neighbor.  The Gentiles epitomized “the other”–racially, religiously, every way.  Even though Peter had rightly interpreted the Day of Pentecost as the outpouring of the … Continue reading

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Editorial: Mid-Course Testimony

It has been a year since I wrote ‘For the Sake of the Bride.’  When I wrote it, I was looking through a two-year window leading toward General Conference in May of 2016.  Now, I realize one year of that … Continue reading

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For the Bride: Living in a Dungeon

Early Christians believed that being judgmental put them in the lowest level of spirituality, so they went to (what seems to us today) extraordinary means to avoid it. An old monk named Nau told his community what to do: “If … Continue reading

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In-Sight: The Theater Is Not On Fire

In a time when the air is thick with the acrid smoke of divisiveness, proposed exit plans, and cries that “the United Methodist Church is burning down,” it is refreshing to breathe some fresh air provided by two books: one … Continue reading

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