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UMC: Round Table #4

It would be a mistake to end this brief series on Christian Conferencing (using the Round Table illustration) at the level of practice.  I want to end by remembering why we engage in holy conferencing in the first place. First … Continue reading

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Year of Mercy: Pure Love

(8) When we experience mercy it is always the mercy of love because God is love (1 John 4:8, 16).  Jesus came to reveal love and to invite us to accept the fact that we are God’s beloved daughters and … Continue reading

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UMC: Round Table #3

In the last blog, I wrote of the “all in” necessity implied in Christian Conferencing.  E. Stanley Jones described this commitment through basic principles required if the Round Table process was to work.      –respectful atmosphere      –no one has … Continue reading

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Visit The Archives

About once a year I remind you that the Oboedire Archives contain a wealth of my previous writings on a host of topics, which you can see on the sidebar of the Oboedire home page. If you are a relative … Continue reading

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Year of Mercy: Source of Salvation

(7) Mercy is the source of our salvation.  God does not save us out of a sense of obligation, but rather out of intense desire. Mercy is the sign that God is madly in love with us, never gives up … Continue reading

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UMC: Round Table #2

Today, I continue the exploration of E. Stanley Jones’ concept and practice of the Round Table as a model for us to learn from as we move toward General Conference. The first thing Jones noted was that the Round Table … Continue reading

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Year of Mercy: Powerful Mercy

(6) Pope Francis connects God’s mercy and God’s omnipotence.  Drawing on the thoughts of St. Thomas Aquinas, he writes that God’s most powerful action is the expression of mercy. This is clearly so when we remember that mercy is our … Continue reading

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UMC: Round Table #1

I stand among those who are happy to see the emphasis on Christian Conferencing as the preferred means for deliberating matters at General Conference this coming May. I believe that the future of The United Methodist Church largely turns on … Continue reading

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Year of Mercy: Living By Faith

(5) Before Pope Francis opened the Vatican Door announcing the commencement of the Year of Mercy, he looked to the end of the Jubilee year next November, declaring his belief that God would be faithful and pour out mercy on … Continue reading

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