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Year of Mercy: Good Confessors

(17) Had we begun the reading of Pope Francis’ document when he officially began The Year of Jubilee, we would have found this segment to be more timelyfor Lent.  But reading it now makes it no less important, given his … Continue reading

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UMC: The Newness of Oneness

Acts 11:1-18 Revelation 21:1-6 John 13:31-35 The lectionary readings from yesterday should be required reading for every delegate to General Conference, every Bishop, every Board and Agency attendee, every caucus member, and every Conference observer.  They offer us a pre-Conference … Continue reading

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Year of Mercy: The Jesus Way

(16) The impetus for Pope Francis’ declaration of this year as a Year of Mercy comes from Jesus himself, when he inaugurated his ministry saying that the Spirit of the Lord was upon him, anointing him to “proclaim the year … Continue reading

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UMC: The Importance of Memory

Years ago, Henri Nouwen was asked to name the key problem in the spiritual life.  He responded, “Amnesia.”  He went on to describe the deformative effects of forgetfullness, and to point out how often the word ‘remember’ is used Scripture. … Continue reading

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Year of Mercy: Wealth Blocks Mercy

(15) Pope Francis echoes Jesus’ concern that riches can make it difficult to enter the Kingdom of Heaven–difficult to practice the Kingdom virtue of mercy.  This is consistent with the Pope’s concern about the danger of riches with respect to … Continue reading

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UMC: The Power Arena

The ego gravitates toward control and the exertion of power. This is not all bad. Without ego, we would have no will-power, and on our best day, that would neither be a good thing nor a God-thing. Trouble is, we … Continue reading

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Year of Mercy: Walking Into Mercy

(14) Life is a pilgrimage, says Pope Francis.  Being merciful as God is merciful is a spiritual pilgrimage, marked by the movement spelled out by Jesus in Luke 6:37-38: non-judgment, no condemnation, and forgiveness. The first step in becoming merciful … Continue reading

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UMC: Current Reality

The fact is, we can say without hesitation that LGBTQ inclusivity is possible because we already have it, both in terms of ordination and marriage–and have had it for a long time. LGBTQ clergy (most of whom have not felt … Continue reading

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