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Year of Mercy: More Than Respect

(21)  The mercy/justice combination is so important that Pope Francis devotes another segment to it.  This time he notes that one problem with the lead-with-justice approach is that the most justice can exact from us is respect. And when justice … Continue reading

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UMC: A New Way

On the heels of General Conference 2016, there are many, various, and legitimate concerns and hopes regarding the Bishops’ establishment of a commission to study human sexuality in ways that take us beyond the current impasse, while at the same … Continue reading

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UMC: A Good Decision

The General Conference’s approval of a plan put forward by the Council of Bishops is already being variously criticized and affirmed–nothing new for us UM’s.  For some time now, I have believed (and have previously written and spoken) that the … Continue reading

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Year of Mercy: Mercy and Justice

(20) Pope Francis rightly notes the connection between mercy and justice.  It takes both to order life as we know it.  But the ordering of the two is crucial. If we lead with justice, we run the risk of never … Continue reading

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UMC: A New Question

I have waited to write a blog post at the mid-point of General Conference until more was known about what came out of the first week.  I find myself deeply saddened, with words in short supply. For the past several … Continue reading

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UMC: Gender Identity

In anticipation of human-sexuality debates at the United Methodist General Conference in Portland, and in the wake of laws providing for increased exclusivity against LGBTQ people (despite other laws advocating inclusivity), I offer the following reflection…. In recent days, conservatives … Continue reading

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Year of Mercy: Flee Corruption

(19) With courageous specificity, Pope Francis calls on those who knowingly practice corruption to change their ways and be transformed by the grace of God into those who knowingly show mercy.  Included in his call are those in criminal organizations … Continue reading

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UMC: Let Us Pray

When we speak of our “Methodist DNA” we find six components:  Wesley’s Standard Sermons, Wesley’s Notes on the New Testament, the Articles of Religion, and three documents prepared by the Wesleys to define and direct the movement–‘The Character of a … Continue reading

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Year of Mercy: Missionaries of Mercy

(18)  Pope Francis has commissioned missionaries of mercy–clergy who are going into the world to be living signs of God’s mercy.  The radical nature of his commission is that he has given these priests and bishops authority to pardon sins … Continue reading

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UMC: Institutional Memory

In the week leading up to General Conference, in addition to the necessity of scriptural memory, let us pray that General Conference delegates will also have institutional memory.  I note the following as illustrations… (1) We have been here before, … Continue reading

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