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Practicing the Better: Our Marching Orders

​It would be beneficial to continue to describe the practice of the better from the close of the New Testament until now.  Known and unknown women and men have practiced the better in every generation. We can learn much from … Continue reading

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Editorial: A Leader’s Influence

​The most unbelievable allegation made by Donald Trump in the wake of the documented escalation of violence in our country since he took office is that his words and example have had nothing to do with it.  Pointing away from … Continue reading

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In-Sight: Living by the Biggest Story

​A meditation written in the aftermath of a week in which degrading words and deeds were leveled against transgender persons and other LGBTQ+ people, immigrants, refugees, and others–with additional hatefulness expressed through pipe bombs sent to selected political leaders…and…through the … Continue reading

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Shepherd’s Care: Becoming Unnecessary

The title still stops me in my tracks: ‘The Unnecessary Pastor.’ [1]  It still cuts against the grain of my ego despite my agreement with the focus of the book and its effort to get us clergy off center stage, … Continue reading

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Editorial: Human Sexuality–A Panoramic View

I have been developing the following article for months. It is still a work in progress, but I offer it today in relation to the current administration’s potentially defining human sexuality using the inaccurate view of birth manifestation gender–a possibility … Continue reading

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Practicing the Better: Beyond Jesus

​Light, life, and love continued to be expressed in the first Christians.  The main evidence for their practice of the better was the inclusion of the Gentiles (Acts 15) and the sense of oneness that characterized their life together (Galatians … Continue reading

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Shepherd’s Care: Small Churches?

​While in college and seminary, I pastored several small churches.  And after graduating from seminary, I was appointed to serve another one.  Like other small-church pastors, I was tempted to buy into the “bigger is better” view, but I am … Continue reading

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