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In-Sight: From Fear to Love

​This is the final “In-Sight” post for this year.  It resumes on Monday, January 7th.  Since I have written about love in the last two “In Sight” posts, I thought I would conclude the year with another one. __________________________________ For … Continue reading

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Shepherd’s Care: Time To Be Respectful

This is the final “Shepherd’s Care” post for 2018.  It will resume on January 4th, and the series about time and ministry will continue. _________________________ If indeed time is the precious commodity of our time, we must not only be … Continue reading

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Site Update: 2019 Theme

Having completed the 2018 Oboedire theme, “Practicing the Better” last week, I am ready to announce the 2019 theme: “Here and Now.”  In some ways, it is an expansion of the 2018 theme, because the only place we can practice … Continue reading

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Editorial:  Theological Obscurantism

​My personality moves me in the direction of details, specifics, and particulars.  Sometimes a single word captures my attention for quite a while.  I have a built-in propensity to zoom in. This means that I have had to discipline myself … Continue reading

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In-Sight: The Grand Synthesis

​God is the love (1 John 4:8).  God is creator (Genesis 1:1).  These are two fundamental affirmations of our faith.  Each is important in its own right, but when we weave them together, an even grander revelation emerges. Clearly, the … Continue reading

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Shepherd’s Care: Time To Pay Attention

​Earbuds may go down in history as one of the most insidious devices ever invented.  They draw us away from the world in which we are present into some other world. That other world may be a good one, but … Continue reading

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Practicing the Better: A Final Word

​I come to the end of this series feeling like a runner who must now pass the baton to the next person in the race. This series has been an extended one, but it could easily have been longer and deeper. … Continue reading

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